• The best place ever to eat I work here and every one is amazing food amazing come ever one and try

    Micheal Edmunds
  • Pizza was very good. Tried spinach calzone, was not as good. Staff was very friendly.

    Rufinoo Noviembre Lopez
    Local Guide
  • Alfredo pizza is the bomb, my whole family says the is the best by far... everytime!

    Brock Elliott
    Local Guide
  • i love this little dive. not for salad, always go pizza! my by far favorite item is the spinach calzone! so much ricotta!

    B B
  • Our first time there today. Very friendly and the food was excellent!!!! We will definitely be back!!!

    Fedon Starr
  • Ordered meat lovers with black olives and this was best pizza I’ve had in a very long time

    Robert Belanger
  • After knee surgery, wanted something wonderfully tasty to eat and Little Italy came through as they always do. Delivery person was also excellent. We usually only eat there for special occasions but we need to make it a regular stop. Lasagna best in town.

    Cameron Smith
  • Great food, fast delivery, $ prices

    M N Perez
  • I always like this place but it takes an act of congress to get them to get specialty items on there menu right but still good none the less

    Joe Dirt
    Local Guide
  • Authentic like arguing about what time is appropriate for dinnertime

    A Pope
    Local Guide

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